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Swv – You're The One For Me lyrics

From: Booty Call Soundtrack.

(featuring Busta Rhymes)
Busta Rhymes and swv
Puff Daddy Remix
One time, blowin' your mind
(And you don't stop, remix)
You're the one for me
You can call on me
It's all I want us to be (oh yeah)
You're the one for me
I know that you're somebody else's guy
But these feelings that I have for you I can't deny
She doesn't treat you the way you want her to
Come on stop running, I wanna get with you
What your girl don't know won't hurt her
Anything to make this love go further
You're the one for me
When you need
You can call on me
When in love
It's all I want us to be
'Cause you're the one
You're the one for me
This can be an undercover romance
'Cause I feel that I'm the type of girl you should give a chance
Taste and see (taste and see)
How good it can be (how good it can be)
'Cause you don't have to worry, baby
What your girl don't know won't hurt her
Anything to make this love go further
What's my chance
I'm willing to do anything to get
In your pants
You don't have to worry I won't
Say a thing
And if she finds out I don't
Know a thing
Check this out
And if you ain't the bangest chick I ever saw ya, ya, ya, ya, ya
From the ceiling to the floor, I look from top to bottom
Analyze the middle of your cleavage and your draws
Everything remains, baby, I love the way when you strut
When you walk by got a wide angle lens focused on your butt
Perplex your looks make me black and polised
Carmel, city stacking bone, now I'm walking tippy toe-ish
Amazing how you got my heart pumping
Whole entire body cocked on diesel like we running track or something
I knew that you were the one for me
Word is born on Flipmode and swv
Got the opportunity, to see how suitable and beautiful you can be
When you do your nails and your cuticles
Just stay sharp, Lord, word on my son
Let it manifest for sure that you're the one

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