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Sugababes – Twisted lyrics

My personality is quite rude
Only to the point where IЎ¦m on girly dues
ItЎ¦s so hard just being me
People asking questions
Maybe they canЎ¦t see
ЎҐCos IЎ¦ve got my life controlled
How ЎҐbout you deal with yours
DonЎ¦t talk what you donЎ¦t know
YouЎ¦re in the back, IЎ¦m doing what I know

Me myself IЎ¦m twisted,
You wonЎ¦t know you missed it
And it's ok if IЎ¦m a little bit crazy
Am I a little bit insane well maybe
And itЎ¦s just a little something
But IЎ¦d rather be me than nothing
And itЎ¦s ok if IЎ¦m a little bit crazy
It doesnЎ¦t mean I canЎ¦t be a lady

Now IЎ¦m the kind of girl who knows her biz
Flirtatious in a way but it depends on how I feel
Still I keep it classy, stay with a guy thatЎ¦s real
ЎҐCos if he ainЎ¦t supporting
Then heЎ¦s not the real deal, check it
IЎ¦m forever getting misunderstood
Always been a leader not a puppet, itЎ¦s good
Before the music game there was me and thatЎ¦s it
IЎ¦ve never been the one to fight but I wonЎ¦t take it

[Repeat chorus]

IЎ¦m not the type to say just get out my face
ЎҐCos the girl that you think you see
Sometimes needs a little space to breathe
Please, it's not ok, to invade my space
ЎҐCos the smile that you see on show
Underneath it all I need some time to grow

[Repeat chorus to fade]

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