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Sufjan Stevens – Good Man Is Hard To Find lyrics

Once in the backyard,
She was once like me,
She was once like me.
Twice when I killed them,
They were once at peace,
They were once like me.

Hold to your gun, man,
And put off all your peace,
Put off all the beast.
Paid a full of these, I wait for it,
But someone's once like me.
She was once like me.

I once was better.
I put off all my grief.
I put off all my grief.
And so I go to hell, I wait for it,
But someone's left me creased.
And Someone's left me creased

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    The misfit is saying that he has put off all of his peace, as in, he has given up hopes of living a good life, and thinks that he is somehow an innately bad person.
    I think all of the statements such as "she was once like me" are referringg to how the grandma seems to be more of a nominal Christian until she is faced by imminent death. Then, upon her deathbed, she offers the Misfit forgiveness in hopes of receiving some divine grace herself. The grandma is only truly good on her deathbed, which is why the misfit famously says, "She would of been a good woman if it had been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life." Then, being so close to death every minute of her life, the grandma would have always been a good person.
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    Well, I guess it isn't that bad for being a song. It sounds like something that the Misfit would say, seeing as it talks about holding to your gun and how it references the grandmother. Also, the last line talks about how something happened to the Misfit to make him the way he is. It doesn't mention anything that the Misfit said about Jesus, but it does mention most of the other stuff I would have expected to be in a song written from this perspective.
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