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Sudden Death – Death Flower lyrics

If a tree falls down and nobody is around
Then does it really make a sound
But if the mafia kills someone and doesn't get caught
Is the person really dead? I thought so
If the moon's made of cheese and there's a man in the moon
Is the man in the moon made of cheese
If me, myself, and I, are all the same guy
Then who are you?
All I do is get chickens, usin' all my blood for a milkshake
Make a chocolate pizza save it up for an earthquake
This is all my life in my head, knock on wood
Papa Smurf is gonna blow up Mr. Roger's Neighborhood
Allow me to reiterate, or literary idiot
Reality went bye-bye, pretty colors always get with it
Caboose got detached, parachute didn't open
You're dead, do you know what I mean? He's so stupid

Death Flowers in my lawn
Growin' out the back of my brain
Reality for me is all gone
The Death Flower made me totally insane

My big banjo keeps the break dancers all square
Over hill over dale, Chip and Dale are over there
What's the point, where's the beef, are you really that round?
Let's put a hose in the ground, watch the gophers all drown
Oh Captain, my Captain, the ship's gonna blow, Jim
Desperate for a rocket, notify my next of kin
How exactly do you go about kicking a balistic
Try Unlucky Charms, they're magically sadistic™


Who's the Big Mack? Is it that clown with a white face?
Let me get a cubicle for Basket Case
Got a bimbo from limbo eatin' chicken real fast
If your car starts to fart don't give it no more gas
I got a...


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