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Styx – Street Collage lyrics

Written by john ryan
[spoken by various people on the street]

Well, you see now
I'm a depression baby
And I remember the wpa
If we could just start the same thing again and get people working out there, why not?
Is it too menial for somebody to sweep the street?

And if you've got enough money where you don't have to work
Let's face it, who wants to work?
There's no reason why anybody that five generations of people got to be on welfare

I had one gentlemen get in ---
No offense to you gentlemen, he had long hair and a beard --
And I told him, he had better go home and take a bath;
He had B. O. So bad, it was terrible
I said "you might be educated, but did your parents tell you to go dirty? "

See the latest issue
Hard up, see
Chicago scene

Kids nowadays, that's the whole thing
Too much money, they've got too much money
They don't have to struggle and work for things
Like when I was growing up had to do
And I was lucky if I got that job delivering hats in a hat store
For twenty-five cents per hat
Too much money today is with the young kids
Everything was handed to 'em,
And that's why they are the way they are

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