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Stygma Iv – Solum Mente Infirmis lyrics

Every night I try to hide
I feel his breath in my neck
He'S sickened my brain
I'Ve gone insane
And now he'S coming back for me
A chill runs down my spine
As his spirit conquers my mind
Again visions of horror
Are flashing through my tortured brain
The bloody traces of the past appear again

Solum mente infirmis
Manes possunt videre
I can'T believe the vile deeds I see
I can'T escape his directing voice
He controls my thoughts
And he never leaves my brain

Wake up my friend
It'S time to go there'S A lot of work
That must be done
We release the souls of the suffering
Don'T hear their screaming
Just one more cut and they will stop
They are just flash which has to rot
And they will rot

Solum mene infirmis
Manes possunt videre
I understand the blood must be spilled
And I know the weak must be killed
In this cruel world
Only the executioner stays alive
This haze of blood in front of my eyes
Won'T go away
The taste of pain is hitting me
Like hail of ice
I start to reanimate myself
I'M feeling free and I know what'S to be done the transformation
From witness into murder is done

New directions for my brain escape,
Reach out and kill mortal live,
Mortal flesh
Visions of horror
Are flashing through my lighted brain
The lovely traces of the past
Once again
Solum mente infirmis
Manes possunt videre
Now I beleve in this vile deeds
And I love his guiding voice
I'M your friend!

Solum mente infirmis
Manes possunt videre
Solum mente infirmis
Manes possunt videre

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