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Stuart Davis – Working At Burger King lyrics

Room for promotions working at Burger King
Room for promotions working at Burger King

Life's the pits, school's a drag
I'm a know-it-all but I hate to brag
Mom and dad got on my case
And everybody else crowds my space
Quit school school, left my home
Lookout world I'm on my own
Search for work and on T. V.
I saw my opportunity
Room for promotions working at Burger King

It's true I wear a polyester uniform
And my manager is just out on parole
But I get my french fries free
And my pop is just half price
And when you're only making $3. 15
That's pretty nice

I made employee of the week
My self esteem had reached it's peak
Thought I'd ask a raise in pay
I planned the words that I would say
"There's room for promotions working at Burger King"

My friends can laugh and make their innuendoes
But someday I'm gonna work that drive through window
And if by chance I don't, don't laugh or treat me rude
Cause if I have the urge to, I can still spit in your food

The boss refused my raise in pay
I turned my back and walked away
There's no room, no room
There ain't no room at all
No room for promotions working at Burger King

So now I'm off and working at Mcdonald's
They treat me right I earn $3. 65
And the manager is nice to me, he's never been in jail
But last week he tried to kiss me and the guys call him Gail

Room for promotions working at Mac&Don's

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