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Strawbs – Queen Of Dreams lyrics

Spoke the Queen of Dreams
I was Lord of the Forest
Walked within her paths
Sheltered within her bowers
Pine needles for my pillow
The dove my only true friend
I was Lord of the Forest.

Spoke the Queen of Souls
I was Lord of the Ocean
Swam beneath her waves
Sheltered within her shipwrecks
Precious gifts I bring you
From rusting hulls of the deep
I was Lord of the Ocean.

Spoke the Queen of Heads
I was Lord of the Mountains
Scaled her highest peaks
Sheltered within her valleys
Climb high upon my shoulders
I will show you the world
I was Lord of the Mountains.

I had no head for heights
But close my eyes to make the climb
Oh Queen of Dreams
Oh Queen of Souls
Oh Queen of Heads
It's time.

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    Robert Arthur Loades
    Everybody brings their own personal meaning to a song they love, for me the Strawbs, Queen of Dreams, is very personal. The Queen of dreams is inviting us, to explore the world with all it's wonders, and not to be afraid to follow our dreams. In the last verse the Queen of Heads invites storyteller into the mountains, from where she will show him, (but could just as easily be her), the world. The lyrics continue "I had no head for heights, but closed my eyes to make the clime", this spoke/speaks to me saying, face your fears, don’t settle for the unfulfilling boring life, because it's easy.
    But to face your fears as once the clime has been made, the world is shown and now the fear you’ve faced is shown as just another illusion.
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