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Stormlord – Medusa's Coil lyrics

Let me tell you a story
Happened to me
That changed my life
And will chill the blood in your veins
Lonely I was roaming
Unaware of what could lurk beyond the hills
Hidden in twilight's shades

Chutulu's spawn
Older then time and space themselves
Through the cellar floor it rises
Chutulu's spawn
A twisted geometry in her sight
The horror

The sky turned to black
I reached for a near shelter,
A gloomy house where an old host
Was keeping a grim tale

He told me about the girl
Who stole the soul of his son, she led the house
To ruin and pain and still she haunt that place:

Chutulu's spawn
Older then time and space themselves
Through the cellar floor it rises
Chutulu's spawn
I must escape from this dark mansion
Terror rising

Her long black hair it seemed to live
Reminding the ancient myth of Medusa

"Do you want to see the: thing upstairs?"
Was the old man daring me?
"Stare at her portrait and she will come back to life"
And the painting started to move:
Again: and again: and again
As I saw her image I understood
The truth was more than meets the eye
She incarnated the ancient ones
That should not exist
The unholy Necronomicon's forgotten breed
Possessed by fear I found my hand wielding the gun
Shooting with frantic speed
'till the painting was destroyed
I ran away from that place and later on the road
A farmer told me that that house
Was burnt six years ago

[Inspired by the novel "Medusa's Coil", written by H. P. Lovecraft and Zealia Bishop (May 1930)]

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