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Stone Temple Pilots – Pruno lyrics

Falling farther with a flaming hand
I knew the question but I lost the answers
I'll hold the wall for all
I'll hold it all for all
As long as no one asks no questions.

I got the message
And the message stood

One, two, three
I got another, got another
One, two, three
I got another, got another
I got another hit that held me the last time
Don't ya know what I mean boys?
One, two, three
I got another, got another.

Falling fast but doing all I can
I know the questions but I lost the answers
I got the message and the message stood

Lease the one who makes it
Profit from the riddle
Kill the one that breaks it
Always in the middle
Keep the dream alive
With sleeping pills you shouldn't fiddle
Lease the one that makes it
Profit from the riddle

I got the message but I lost the race
I got the message but I lost the race

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    In prison They sometimes do psychic studies. Supposedly isolation and need renders one more intuiitive. Under high-security surveillance, inmate can talk to researchers literally through the wall, expressing others' thoughts and answering questions without ever being asked. Entertainment companies, particularly those into rf'inc like reality tv, can accomplish the same setup in people's homes. It usually starts when a psychic relative suspects they're being heavilyspied upon and start cussing out the wall. Unfortunately, under the veil of anonymity, the spy takes credit for the psychic ability and hog all the research money. "I got the message, but I lost the race..."
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