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Stone Roses – Sally Cinnamon lyrics

Until sally I was never happy
I needed so much more
Rain clouds oh they used to chase me
Down they would pour
Join my tears
Allay my fears
Sent to me from heaven
Sally cinnamon
You are my world

I pop pop pop blow blow bubble gum
You taste of cherryade
There is something here you must show me
From what you are made
Sugar and spice
And all things nice

Sent to me from heaven
Sally cinnamon
You are my world

Your eyes are gazing back from
Every little piece of glass
You seem to smile from every place
Sally cinnamon
You are my world

Then I put the letter back in
The place where it was found
It's a pocket in a jacket
On a train in town

Sent to her from heaven
Sally cinnamon
Your her world

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    It's actually about a lesbian most people don't know that but yes it's a about a Lesbian. Don't ask me how or why cause to be honest I do not know I did not ask Ian Brown why I was to emersed in meeting him and talking about his music but yes it is about a lesbian so there you go a nice description of the song that basically is a long version of "it's about a lesbian".
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