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Stompin' Tom Connors – The Sasquatch Song lyrics

One day at midnight, the sun was so bright
The moon had no light, but I could see
This big ol' sasquatch, said he was top-notch, at playin' hopscotch
Way up in a tree
So I bet my wrist watch, that big ol'd sasquatch
Would never play hopscotch way up in a tree
Now, there's a sasquatch, up in a tree crotch
He's got my wrist watch, and he's laughin' at me

I told the mounties, throughout the counties
To put some bounties all over B. C.
And stop that sasquatch, from playin' hopscotch
'Till he gives my wrist watch, right back to me
Then Corporal Savern, he found a tavern, in an empty cavern
Where the sun don't shine
And he found a sasquatch, drinkin' blue blotch
Wearin' a wrist watch, lookin' just like mine
So he asked the sasquatch, where he got the wrist watch
And that big ol' sasquatch, he began to lie
Said he got the wrist watch, while playin' hopscotch
Up in a tree crotch, with a stupid old guy
So the mountie told him, he could never hold him
He'd have to scold him, for doing no harm
So they played some hopscotch, until the sasquatch
Had the mountie's wrist watch, on his other arm

Now all the mounties, throughout the counties
They're placing bounties all over the land
And that big ol' sasquatch, he won't feel top notch
When they get their sasquatch, like they get their man
'Cause if that sasquatch keeps playin' hopscotch
There won't be a wrist watch, for miles around
'Cause he'll play hopscotch, 'till he gets your wrist watch
Up in that tree crotch, and he'll never come down
So don't play hopscotch, near any old tree crotch
Until that old, watch stealin', big feelin', hopscotchin' sasquatch is found.

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