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Steven Universe – That Distant Shore lyrics

It all became so lovely
Those bluest skies above me

Those funny feelings I had never felt before I met you
I thought I'd stay a while
I tried to learn to smile
So many colours I had never even known

Maybe I'd find myself sitting on that distant shore
Maybe I'm not alone

Then I see the colours fading
Gentleness of light escaping

Shadows of my fear invading
Have I seen this all before?

I know that there's something residing
That terror deep inside me
I couldn't understand how you could be so bold

I'd find myself smiling on that distant shore
Maybe I'm not alone

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That Distant Shore meanings

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    Before she had met this new friend, she was in tourment, trapped for years with nobody to cry out for, and nothing to be happy about. After she meets this person, she feels happieness. A feeling that she’d never known before, and she hopes for a time, she can live in peace. But this new feeling isn’t there for long, because the images of her dark past cloud what lies ahead of her. She fears falling under the same path she’d been in before, and she is in shock her friend is able to be so ‘bold’: that they have the ability to see past the dark experiences they’ve left behind, and move on. Such a thing is difficult for her, because of her traumatic experience.
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    I love this song because it's a huge part of Lapis's character arc. At first she's really defensive and then when she moved in with peridot she started to get used to earth and peridot started to unravel her defenses and Lapis started to let herself be happy. And when navy (the ruby) came back to earth, even though she was suspicious she let peridot and Steven play around and after navy proved to still be evil, she didn't withdraw, she laughed. And this song is a huge look into what she's thinking, it perfectly describes how she's felt all throughout her time on earth. She liked it and
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    I feel like I can relate to lapis cause she suffers from something called ptsd or post traumatic stress disorder and I also have this as you can clearly see lapis has had some trauma in her life as such being trapped in a mirror for over five million years or maybe less or more I'm not quite sure but still she did have some traumatic things happen to her to cause her to act the way she does and I'm sorry if this doesn't make any sens but I am just stating my opinion anyways feel free t tell me your opinion I gladly appreciate it thanks =D hope you all have a great day.
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    It means lapis was feeling alone before she met peridot and then when peridot came in to her life she tried smiling (as it says in the song) and that made lapis feel not alone but when she left to leave earth she felt alone again and when she found the orb on the moon base it made her feel not alone again because her fear of the diamonds is coming in the way of being on “that distant shore” with peridot and the rest of the crystal gems
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