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Steve Forbert – Witch Blues lyrics

Hell ain't got no fury
That can match your kind of scorn
You've got a lot of people
Sorta sorry you were born

The way you treated Jim. .. Yeah
Was more than I could understand
He took it sittin' down. .. Yeah
You took it way on out of hand

Chorus #1
You're makin' lots of bad news
(You're) spreadin' 'round them witch blues

When you come walkin' in. .. Yeah
I look for some good place to hide
And if I find there ain't one
I do my best to get outside

The first time that I met you
You seemed like first-rate company
Don't that only go to show now
How wrong a guy can sometimes be?

Chorus #2
You're makin' lots of bad news
Spreadin' 'round them witch blues
You're makin' lots of bad news
Yes, you're givin' people witch blues


You do not ride a broom, no
And you don't wear a pointed hat
But you can turn men into mice. .. Yeah
You know a lot of tricks like that

And then I've seen you shatter women
Just like plate glass window panes
No, I don't know where you came from
But I would bet it's mighty strange

(Repeat chorus #2)

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