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Steriogram – Big Lady Loving lyrics

Words and Music by Steriogram

Verse One
Well your mum is the mum, And she likes to fight
Listen to her heartbeat, You can't see me

She's the queen of putting out campfires
Second to the market but she wont feed me

Well she rise on her size, Keeps her eyes on the prize
Gotta fridge, four remotes, And a couch with a tv

She don't use no tact when she's on the attack
Cause something had to get me going

Because I've never seen such waves
Like when your mama swam that day

Well I'm thinking about your mum

And when I asked her what she'd done
She called it hiding from the sun

Well I'm thinking about your mum

So tell me now or tell me then
So do ya think it's gonna end

Well I'm thinking about your mum

Set it out now set it right
When the buildings and your mum collide

Well I'm thinking about your mum

Verse Two
Mum said a mum's gotta dance all night
Listen to the rooms rock when she's sleeping

Everybody's running when she splits those tights
Talking to the pork but the pork pots empty

You can't compete with those tattoos
I go where I can but I know she can see me

Don't make no lunches, Plenty of punches
She sold me off with no-one knowing

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