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Stereo Total – Suddenly It's All Different lyrics

I was cold like a fridge
And stiff like a broom
Sad like a night-cap
And bleak like the desert

Like a grave, I never spoke
Like a door, I never laughed
Like a chair, I never danced
I was unhappy like a stone

My heart was hard like iron
My hair colourless like the rain
My skin as rough as chalk
My breasts as flat as a board

I was cold like a fridge
And boring like the autobahn
Grey like an elefant
Slow like an endless day

cold ... stiff .... sad
dull ... dumb ... boring
Suddenly, it'all different!

I am hot like a stove
Flexible like a snake
Cheerful like a sparrow
And funny like an ape
I talk like a parrot
And dance like a spinning-top
And laugh to see me so pretty
Happy like a fish in the sea

My heart is soft like cotton
My skin tender like velvet
My breats are round like muffins
My hair is shiny like diamonds
I am hot like a oven
And I am happy like a finch
Pink like a rose
And fast like a rocket

hot... soft ... pink ... tender
fast ... shiny ... funny
Suddenly it's all different!
hot .. soft ... cheerful ...
flexible ... chatty ... happy ...
Suddenly it's all different!

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