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Stars – Take Me To The Riot lyrics

Grey skies and light fading, headlamps making patterns on the wall
Uptown it's dead now but, out here no one seems to care at all
Slick girls and sick boys and each one lining up to take it home
They hold tight their coin and pray no one has to see the fall
I'm there, yeah I serve them, the one with the empty looking eyes
Come closer, you'll see me: the face that is used to telling lies

Saturday nights in neon lights, Sunday in the cell
Pills enough to make me feel ill, cash enough to make me well
Take me, take me to the riot
Take me...

You sprung me, I'm grateful
I love when you tell me not to speak
I owe you but I know you, you'll have me back but it's gonna take a week
What now kid?, which way love?
Will we ever make up and be friends?
Good news is my shoes is lined with all my nickels and my tens
Let's do them! Just feed me... I hate when I have to go to sleep
You despise me and I love you
It's not much but it's just enough to keep...

Saturday nights in neon lights, Sunday in the cell
Pills enough to make me feel ill, cash enough to make me well
Take me, take me to the riot
And let me stay...

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    The song smacks of the sixties to me - exuberant youth hedonism, drugs/riots being only another way of sticking one to the authorities that just happens to be illegal.
    The storyline itself is probably the drug dealer, possible voice of the addict or two lovers? Not too clear, but underlying the "main story" - what most people seem to be most concerned about finding out, are little parts worth thinking about and savouring.
    (1) The opening lines of the song - so drug-induced, soft and fuzzy and gradually building up to a sort of drug-induced frenzy? By the end of the first verse, the sounds remain fuzzy but not without an added sinisterness - language of extreme malevolence, if not violence.
    (2) "You despise me and I love you" - not "but", which seems rather significant, not the exception but the norm in such a relationship in the main storyline.
    (3) "Saturday nights in neon lights, Sunday in the cell" - I like how the last part of the line is sung - such a heartbreaking mix of resignment and, it seems, sorrow - this routine seems like a familiar, self-perpetuating one, "Sunday" the penance for the sin committed on Sunday.
    (4) The last line, "let me stay". Oh that just killed me, because you can't stay at the riot, the riot can't last forever, nothing does, not this love nor the drugs nor the lifestyle. A self-destructing sort of relationship, but no less valuable for its transience.
    Totally overanalysing here, but there you go.
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