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Stacie Orrico – Brush 'Em Off lyrics

Just about seen it all from the bottom of the pit
To the top of the ball
I don't wanna wind up caught in the dark
Feels like I'm swimming in a pool of sharks
People lift you up just to watch you fall
I don't know why I even bother at all
Seems like they only wanna take me apart
You give 'em your soul
Wind up breaking your heart
Sometimes I don't know what I came here for
I was better off with no fame at all
What is everybody here complaining for
They just keep messing my train of thought
Seems like the whole world's aiming towards
My business, my life and I can't ignore
They all in line, they all in line
Waiting just to get a little part of mine

And I get so tired of them talking about me
Everybody's in my business
They trippin, they dog me
They just wanna use me, confuse me, they call me
But I just brush 'em off me

I just about had enough with the games
And as if it wasn't bad enough
Blowing up my cell phone, acting up
If they keep pushing I'ma back 'em up
Cause that's not what I'm all about
But everybody's running off at the mouth
Soon as I'm up they pull me down
What goes around comes back around
Tell me if it's something that I said or I didn't do
Is it really worth all of the drama that you put me through
Now everybody got their hand out for a dime
Well fall in line, fall in line
Tryna get ahead but you fall behind


(Novel's Rap)
I hate to throw salt in your game or call names
But half of these cats are 3 quarters soft and part lame
What is it raw cane that's pumpin in y'all veins
Listen to y'all a screw's missin in y'all brains
Now everybody's talkin like they know me, they phoney
Cause they don't ever come around whenever they owe me

No stuntin, no frontin y'all
You don't really want it naw
They fake and I cut 'em off
I'm sayin I brush 'em off

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