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Spellblast – Lost In The Forest lyrics

Take my hand my old friend
Today we'll face
The wrath of the darkness
We must go, we have to leave now
Before the sun appears in the sky

We must pass through the old forest
Obscure woods, treacherous mists
The only way to deceive
The wicked enemy we all fear

Don't look back
To the Iron Gate
Don't look forth
To predict our fate
Don't be afraid of the old tales
Keep an eye on the evil trees

From this terrible place
We've no chance to escape
Is this your last word?
Oh no we're done we're

Lost, lost in the forest
We're feeling so strange
Lost, lost in the forest
We're lost in the dark
And there's no way out...

Beyond the clearing
There's no tomorrow
Along the path
Lies grief and sorrow
Guided by a low whispering
The meandering banks
Of the river we follow

As we approach to the old willow
We feel surrounded
By a sense of torpor
Devoid of strength
We resigned ourselves
We closed our eyes:
Dreams of sleeps and Water...

The Old-Man-Tree comes upon thee
Nodulous arms are crawling on me
His dreadful jaws open wide...
Oh no, we're trapped inside!

Do you see the light?
Sun's shining bright
We are free from the willow
The old man with his song
Have released thee from the hollow

From the grey Old-Man-Tree
We've escaped, we're free
We are free
The nightmare is done
The suffer is gone
Now we can go
Oh yeah we're safe, we're
Free, free from the forest
We're feeling so bright

Free, free from the forest
We're feeling so bright
Free, free from the forest
We're free from the dark
Now we can, we can, we can go forth

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