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South Park Mexican – Habitual Criminal lyrics

[Girl] Hey Carlos you got a letter today.
[Carlos] What is this? Some more warrants or some shit.
[Girl] I don't know. It looks like another letter
From one of your buddies in the penitentiary.
[Carlos] Oh yeah this my boy. Lets see whats poppin
On the other side of that fence.
Say homey
Pass that scooby dooby please don't be a hog
Lets roll all the windows up and get lost in the fog
Poppin??? Feels swell burn my finger nails
Its Christmas time so I'm banging screwed up Jingle Bells
Happy trails cooking quails strangers in the night
Voodoo spells look who sells slanging on my bike
My master bedroom comes alive I see 'em in the walls
My house was built with more yellow bricks than the fucking Wizard of Oz
People say that its the easiest money a man can make
But you try facing death everyday or the freedom that the cops can take
Beautiful kids making honor roll
Ten years later they on parole
Habitual criminal
Back in the pen cuz that's all they know
As he reads whats in the note
His freedom only comes in an envelope
An envelope, an envelope
His freedom only comes in a envelope
[Verse 2:]
To my niggas flipping bricks watch out for the law
I slang everything but all I do is weed and alcohol
I keep a gat in every place that you could ever think
I dream of people kicking down my door that's why I never blink
I'm from Hillwood and you can ask anyone who knows me well
I sleep with one eye open and I'm paranoid as hell
I seen good friends come and go victims of the game
Some dead some didn't have the time to flush it down the drain
My life is so remarkable its a miracle that I'm here
I just spent 15 thousand bucks on a brand new

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