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South Park – Taco Flavoured Kisses lyrics

Mall Employee: What kinda song do you want?
J Lo: Something hot and spicy!
*Country/Rock Music*
J Lo: Spicier!
*Beach Music*
J Lo: Spicier!
*Mexican Music*
J Lo: Burrito taco taco! Burrito taco, taco taco!
Don't think that just because I gotta lot a money,
I'll give you taco-flavoured kisses, honey;
To fill all your wishes with my taco-flavoured kisses!
Taco taco, burrito burrito, taco taco!
To fill all your wishes with my taco-flavoured kisses!
Taco taco!
Record Co. Guy#1: She's fantastic! Who is she!?!
Record Co. Guy#2: Believe it or not, her name is Jennifer Lopez!
Record Co. Guy#1: Well that makes sense! She reminds me of J Lo!
Record Co. Guy#2: Yeah, but she's younger and spicier!
J Lo: Taco taco, burrito burrito, taco taco!
Record Co. Guy#1: I don'th think J Lo would like it very much if
we signed this new girl.
Record Co. Guy#2: No, you're right... We're gonna have to fire J Lo!

Recording Studio
Recording Guy: All right, Ms. Lopez, let's take it from the top!
*Music Starts*
J Lo: Baby, lets make a run for the border,
I got a hunger only tacos can stop!
I know exactly what I'll order:
3 tacos, 2 tostados and a soda pop!
Record Co. Guy#1: Gentlemen, we have ourselves a hit!
J Lo: I need to make a run for the border!
If you'll pay I'll take off my top!
Do you remember what I want to oder?
3 tacos, 2 tostados and a soda pop!
Yeah, and don't forget the hot sauce, cholo!

The next day...
J Lo: Oh Ben, I'm so happy; the cool breeze blowing through
my hair in your s*** automobile!
Ben: Let's spend the whole day together!
J Lo: Oh, Ben, you are so perfect! So spectacular in every way!
You bring light into my life Ben;
You almost make me forget all about... Tacos!!!
Ooo, tacos so good! In my tummy: yummy yummy,
Give me more!
I love you Ben you almost make me forget about... Tacos!

Ben's Car...
Ben: Jenny, I have to tell you something... I-I think I love you!
J Lo: Aw, I love you too, Ben! But...
Ben: But what?
J Lo: But what if you still have feelings for the s*** with the large ass?
*Car parks*
Ben: I still care for her, but you just have so much more going on...
Up here!
J Lo: Aw Ben... Ben!
Ben: Jenny, can I kiss you?
Cartmanl: no!!!!!
J Lo: Yes! Oh yes, Ben, kiss me!
Cartman: Ah, God dammit!
Cartman: ah!... Ah, dude!
Ben: Mmm, just like tacos!
J Lo: Taco flavoured kisses for my Ben!
Ben: You're so hot, baby!
J Lo: I make you hot, Ben?
Ben: Mmm, yeah!
Ben: Oh, Jenny *zipper* Oh Jenny!
J Lo: .... Ben...
Ben: oh, god, jenny!!!!!
J Lo: *muffled* Oh, Ben, my darling!
Cartman: ah!!! Sick!!!! Ah, that's it! We're leaving now!!!!
*Car door opens and slams*
Ben: But I love her!!!
J Lo: ben!!!
Ben: jenny! Jenny... I'll call you!
J Lo: *fading* I love you ben!!!

Recording Studio
J Lo: Ooo, baby baby! Can I have your tacos?
Those tacos sure look good!
I'm just Jenny from the hood!
Ooo, can I have your tacos?
Poor I- stop! Stop stop!
*Music stops*
What the hell is wrong with you?
You cholos cannot even keep a beat!
I deserve better than this! I am jennifer lopez!
Where is my water?!?!
*Throws water bottle*
not avion!! Paligrino, you stupid bitch!!!

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