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Soundtracks – Crazy Love lyrics

Crazy Love
Performed by Envyi ft. Baby Sham of the Flipmode Squad

Did you think I sit here
And wait for you to call
Did you think I cried my eyes out
And just fall off, oh no
Tell me baby what was on your mind
Did you think I’d crumble
Did you think I’d lay down I die
Oh no not I
Not this time
Life goes on
I’ll be strong
I’ll get by

Baby love, it’s crazy love
Love can be so blind
All this breaking up and making up
Is just a waste of time
I guess my love was not enough
How could I be so blind
All this breaking up and making up
Is just a waste of time

I guess it’s time for you to see
It’s not always about you
Contrary in your beliefs
Baby I’ve got feelings too
Got to shake it off
You’re the one that lost
The best thing you ever had
I’m moving on
Ain’t got no time for looking back
Oh no not I
Not this time, no
Life goes on
I’ll be strong
I’ll get by


It’s like this crazy love thing
The way me and you swing
We can both roll to deep
In the back of the range
With the chauffeur
When the night is over
Fall on the sofa
Frequents tapping my nose
And turn over
Once you called it
I’m quite sure you knew what was on
Going through my pockets when I sleep
Knowing you wrong
It’s like a crossword puzzle
Hope you follow along
Times of change
Now you acting funny and strange
What it is
Now you claiming that you handle my biz
Played it back for one to let me handle this mess
Smoked a bong, so please let me handle my zone
I tripped on you for you awhile
Now you flipping on full
Tell your girlfriend Tanisha that she playing herself
Filled your head with this shit
Now you taking the belt
The love’s still there and many more flows to belch
Envyi and Baby Sham continuing blowing it up, what, what


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