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Soulja Boy – Ultra lyrics

French beats, yeah nigga, shitting like the Mafia nigga
Sodmg young millionaire
Soulja tell you man

Want me to turn up on the nigga, yeah
Pull up on the niggas, I’mma track on the niggas
Bitch I’ll be so fresh, nigga you can’t fuck with me nigga
I pull up on the block bitch, I’mma bust on the nigga
Been missing yagger on my feet
Bitch I feel like a demon
All the bitches on my doc, they be sucking semen
I’ll be chilling in Miami on the beach
Bad bitch on me, said she wanna suck a bit that
I’ll be kill a nigga til I gotta kill that beat
I’ll be in that worry you can see me in the street
Pussy nigga said he wanna fight and wants defend
No, no ain’t never wear a? For the beat
So I turn on, turn on the nigga to the map
I think they got to the plug
Trade the shit like they mug down calling on
See the shit like John gotta sit on my throne
I want the rex, I want new bails
Montana I’m goin’
Turning on time, with me to turn up on the niggas
So I go ultra, I go ultra
So I go ultra, I go ultra shit
So I go ultra, I go ultra
Want me to turn up, turn up, turn up on the nigga
So I got ultra, I go ultra
I got ultra, I go ultra
I got ultra, I go ultra
I go ultra, I go ultra, ultra, ultra, ultra
I got ultra, I go ultra
Turn on, turn on, turn on this on
I cut the belly and I crashed
Yeah, the Maserati did the dash
Killing on the nigga mixing my la, my fashion
Chilling all these niggas, ain’t go chilling with my acid
Tell them niggas kiss the rain cuz I feel
Now your diamonds name shiny, they ain’t clear
Put the twenty thousand up in my ill
Tell the pussy niggas they don’t mind the hill
Now let me tell my story
West side is always winning the war
I use to stay in the hood and now we ball
Now I’m all in the?
Say I am all in tour, say I’m no longer in tour
And my? Came over floor
Plus everything go me nigga all about
I want the jaiz six nigga, I’m all on floor
Young nigga with a check, fucking on the plug
Banz, I just bugged up, push up off the line
Now I’mma tell these nigga that I’mma get it
I have a million, corner and they in as you sell it
You nigga they get money, what you doin’?
If you ain’t get money, tell me nigga what the fuck you doin’?
What else you doin’?
What else you doin’?
That’s the shit that will go how I do
We gonna do the shit like the mafia
We gonna do the shit like Mac did it

So I go ultra, I go ultra
I go ultra, I go ultra
I go ultra, I go ultra
I go ultra, I go ultra
I go ultra, I go ultra to the max

Nigga ain’t doin’
Big mc, playing how I droll
Though I’m gettin’ high nigga
And we running here for fun
I spend fifty thousand dollars just for fun
Another fifty thousand just for the once
We go to strip club and we turn it
If those niggas on the play we gonna turn it up
Say you gotta cut today, we gonna burn it up
If they get behind me I’mma blasé
So dope, get cool Maserati smash
Young soulja, I got lean and I got the gas
Smoking at the bank with money bag
Free all my niggas
I am use t do what my daddy told me
Carry all my niggas
I got ultra, I got ultra
I got ultra, I got ultra
Yeah niggas, real nigga going up nigga
I told you nigga!

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