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Soulja Boy – T.U. lyrics

Everywhere we go we get money
Keepin' it one hunned
Smokin' one hunned
Ridin' one hunned

Chasin' every puff
Chasin' every puff

Waking up every morning and it's all on
Girls have my phone
Man, it's on
You already know the song
We smoke strong
Everything scrone
Everything super on
Everything super on
Cashed out on the porch
Cashed out on the beat
Cashed out on the Hummer
Cashed out on the Benz
Cashed out on the Mazzy
Cashed out on the bright lean
Cashed out all the diamonds
And them diamonds got me shinin'
Cashed out on everything
Everything straight super on
Turnt up I'm talkin' super on
Turnt up I'm talkin' super on
Everything straight packin'
Everybody with me packin'
Ain't no problem, what's happenin'?
Young nigga so savage
Hold it down on my side
Young nigga talkin' 25
Real talk man, what it if?
We on the block on a battlefield
It ain't no problem, no problems
Stacking cash, throw one hundons
Talkin' Bentleys and fastened
Walkin' down so I cashed out this action
No no, we ain't playin'
Hell no, we ain't playin'
Niggas play and we sprayin'
Niggas play and we sprayin'
Talkin' down on my niggas
I'mma shoot you down, you a bitch bruh
Real talk, we getting money
So we keep this shit one hunned
Stacks on deck, we run it
Told this nigga he don't want it
Young Dre, men I'm flexin'
Money on deck got me flexin'
Stacks on deck we in a section
Flyin' down the highway, I'm reckless
Young nigga flexin' off money
Cashed up and I'm getting so much money
Man, fuck these niggas thinkin'?
Man, fuck these niggas sayin'?
Niggas talk and they talkin'
But I'm still Louie walkin'
20 Benz in an hour
Fresh as fuck then hopped up out the shower
Pulling up in that white thing
Caught the Bent then all over rains
Nigga so fresh
Pull up, gold on my ne-eck
Lil Dre, you already know
Take it to the hood, west side, what's happenin'?
Zone 1 what's happenin'?
Zone 1 what's happenin'?
West side what's happenin'?
West side what's happenin'?
Zone 1 what it be?
Sod what it be?
Got my niggas with me
Got my niggas with me
No, we ain't lackin'
My niggas packin'
Ready for that action
Young nigga super savage
Everything is super on
And you'd better smoke stupid strong
Ran through my hood, gang shit on
Ran through my hood, I'm flexin' shit on
Throwin' chrome up on everything
Throwin' gold up on every chain
In the vip we're snappin'
And them cameras keep flashin'

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