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Soulja Boy – Gold Bricks lyrics

1 mill fo deal
Gold Bricks
Gold Bricks
Gold Bricks
Gold Bricks
You better say that. See me in the club, you already
Know we don't play that. [Gold]

Gold Bricks [Bricks]

Gold Bricks [Bricks]
Gold Bricks. You already know. [Know]

You better say that. [You better say that]

See me in the club, naw nigga we don't play that. [We don't play that]

Gold Bricks [Bricks]

Gold Bricks [Bricks]

Gold Bricks [yeah]

If it ain't one thing, it's another. Riding in that bugatti, that shit

Is nuthin. Lil Dre, a.k.a Gold Everything. Watch a muthafuckin face

Come up off the game

Lil Dre I splash [god]
Ready for the action. You know I'm on that gold

Seven on that platnuim. what's the fuckin word. what's the word

And word around town, I'mma splash tho

Cashed up, you better say that

See me in the trap, little nigga we don't play that

Mix the zan with the lean. Mix the perp with them beams

Got Damn, I fell out a dream
And I'm racked up forreal. And I got a gold grill

And I got 37 mill

Fuck how a nigga feel. I'mma keep the shit trill

Man I swear I'm too real. [oh]

You better say that

See me in the bentley 2012 I don't play that

Knowin where I stay that. Somewhere by the ocean

And I'm smoked out. 3rd eye open

Cashed up money nigga know that it's a homicide

Disrespect my game. Bitch that's suicide. [yeah]

And I'm riding and my pockets on stupid loud. [yeah]

And it's going up. [Up]

And it's going down. [Down]

You better say that. [Yeah]

You better say that. [Oh]

Gold Bricks [ Gold Bricks]

Gold Bricks [Bricks]

Gold Bricks [Bricks.] Yeah

You already know. And niggas still on that sucka shit

I'mma come through in another whip. [ok]

I'm iced out, you already know
Young nigga came to steal the show. [oh]

You better say that. See me in the trap
Lil'Nigga we don't play that

Long ass chopper on my side, I'd spray that

Hit the club, V.I.P, spend about 8 racks

You already know. Looking at my neck, everything gold

Homie want his bitch, but the ho chose

It don't really matter, you already know. [yeah]

You better say that

See me in the vip. Lil'Nigga we don't play that. [oh]

Long chopper, might spray that
Bitch! Get Back
Bitch stay back
Fuck what you heard, it's ocean gang. [oh x2]

Gold Bricks [Bricks]

Gold Bricks [Bricks]

Gold Bricks [Gold Bricks]

Gold Bricks

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