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Sonny – Until We Die lyrics

Am I in a dream?
Spotlight, Limousine
Model chicks all around me

Damn I think it's real
I can feel my heartbeats
Getting crazy

Let's go!
We gonna love
We gonna dance
In this club
Until we die die die die

We gonna dance
We gonna Love
In this place
Until we die die die die

We're dancing like we're crazy
And we don't give a da-a-a-a-a-amn
And if I touch you there and kiss you there
Put the blame on your body e-e-e eyeah

(Rap Bridge1)
Huh, yo
Come here
Next to me
Imma show you how we roll
It's ecstasy
Tell a friend tell a friend
How we do, how we play
Yeah we run the game
And Imma put this glass up
Like it's my first
'Cause everybody here know it ain't my last
Don't need to make it last
Don't need to make it last
Gimme one more!

Who wanna come with me
Up the the V. I
The chance of a lifetime
Everything's on me
Spending money and living my life

Don't think about tomorrow
You just gotta follow the beat
And move your feet

You know when I'm ready to go
And the night is complete
You can feel my freak



(Rap bridge 2)
Yeah, yo
We're getting to the end
Two-thousand ten, eleven, twelve...
Get ready for the Big bang
It's a pretty fly ending. Isn't it?
I know it's better on the other side
Come on and let's take a ride
We're alive
We're alive
And we'll stay up until we die



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