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Sol̩ РWho Dat lyrics

Jack jack, yeah
Put em up, put em up
Yo yo, JT Money!
Throw em up, throw em up
JT Money


Ai, ya ya ya ya ya ya
Ai, ya ya ya ya ya ya
Who dat who dat who dat who dat who dat who dat who?
Who dat who dat who dat tryin to get up in my crew

Yo who dat off brand nigga tryin to hang wit the clique
Flossin like you came wit the clique
But would you bang with the clique if it was thick
Or do you just ride dick?
Cause playa, I don't know you, nigga tell me who you wit
If you hang wit the Squad, you bound to get scared
Sucker boys run they mouth, real niggaz run the yard
Round here we blow trees, don't fuck with OB's
You dick ride niggaz might be the police aaaah-iight?

Chorus 2 Times

Uhh me and my girls rollin deep represent the Sole
Bunch of fly-ass bitches when we ride it's on
See them niggaz all pause droppin' digital phones
Askin me where you from cause they wantin to clone niggaz
Them lines, they spit, they want, my shit
But game, be whack, I turn, my back
Then hear that you're lickin, stickin it
Tell all your friends that you're dickin it
Swingin on them
Hi-Fi shit nigga, get sick with this, say
Who dey? Aiy-ya-ya Who dat? No chance, blew dat
When you said that you wrote this
Have red zone niggaz on blow for this bitch
Don't you deny it nigga, don't even try it nigga
You makin claims that you laid wit the fly nigga
Don't know, your name, it still, remains
That you, would say, you fucked, So-le'
Everytime they turn a back, burn tracks
Niggaz wanna say they've earned stacks
Dick be jack, picture that
Say my name I'm the one, who the fuck is dat? Why?

Chorus 2 Times

I been said a legendary up in this motherfucker
Veteran in this game, and still bringin ruckus
Never had no time for tricks or no bustaz
I only fuck wit dat real I got no love for suckers
All these tiny-ass niggaz be wanna wear my shoes
Ain't got the slightest of clues or either paid your dues
Then these hoes goin crazy, bout J baby!
The way you show me your love, is by the way you pay me
The game room been closed, so stay up out of mine
Just know I keep niggaz up and krunk, like battle lines
Motherfuckers be all up in a nigga biz
Tryin to question my shit just like a pop quiz
Nigga what this is? Aaaa-ight?

Chorus 4 times

Who dat who dat who dat who dat who dat who dat who
Who dat who dat who dat who dat who dat who dat who
Who dat who dat who dat who dat who dat who dat who
Who dat who dat who dat huh?
Who dat who dat who dat tryin to get up in my crew
Who dat tryin to get up in my crew

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