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Snoop Dogg – Winning lyrics

Oh, good evening mister Sheen, are you winning
No he's smoking right now
Winning, winning, winning, winning, yeah
Oh, if you a motherfucker winner, if you a motherfucker winner
Put your motherfucker hands... right now, it's for all the winners
If you's a looser, get your bitch ass out here, strictly for the winners, yeah
Cause we gonn' win motherfucker, we gonn' win, yeah, yeah
Who, me? You know who I am

I am intergalactic,... raw, uncut, but so pornographic
Measures so drastic, oh but a classic
Hit us on twitter, look at all the traffic
Never loose on the move fresh and clean
You are in the mind of the machine
Bling blang think back what it used to be
Shooting torpedoes,... walk like we do
... get left or get right cause it's show time tonight
And I'm winning, winning, winning, winning, winning, winning
Yeah, like I say it, this is strictly for the winners
You motherfucking looser, what you doing in here, you don't even know how to win
You see winning is all we know, winning is all we do, we win, win, win,
That's all it is to it, nothing to it what you do it you did
Shit, that's some good shit right there

In it to win it, winning since the beginning
Shine and Sheen and win it, make seduce with the...
I get it back and we're rapping and now they're clapping and tapping
They zipping and zapping and let... what's happening
Big stage big game, with the big names
See winning ain't everything, see winning is the only thing
I got a... to blame, you better know the game
With the shadow tiger blood now I need a lot of...
Winning's on my mind, that's the only thing I'm thinking off
Winning, winning, winning, winning, winning, winning
How many times I gotta show you this shit man
You know I've been winning for a long time
That's all the fuck I do is win man
If you's a winner, put some smoke in the air, yeah, yeah
Blaze it up, come on, blaze it up come on, blaze it up, come on, come on, come on
Yaba daba-du mama, glory be the one, the one and only, I'm a winner

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    Winning is about the excitment of the Torpedoes of Truth Tour and the goal of Charlie's return to 2 1/2 Men. The clapping and tapping is the enthusiasm for Charlie, much of it centered on his personal recreation and his sitcom. My personal interest is in his advocacy for discovery of the cause and cure of addictions and bipolar illness. Charlie's asked some great questions such as how can one be given the diagnosis while having few or none of the symptoms and he has questioned the mass-prescribing of medications not everyone needs. Bipolar illness is a biological/metabolic/genetic condition and a prescription drug can cause an episode, which can last long after the drug shows on a laboratory test. However, the person's genetic make-up is never studied to find out the true cause of what went wrong - they are just branded for life.
    Warner Bros. Are motherfuckers for firing Charlie Sheen after he admitted having received a bipolar diagnosis and exhibited manic hyperalert behavior. The disrespect of Warner Bros. ' executives, the substance abuse, and womanizing had existed for some time. They didn't issue the termination letter until right after the 20/20 interview, sending the message that a known bipolar employee at any level must go at any cost! They argued that he was so sick that notice was waived. At the same time, they held him responsible for everything he said including jokes and fantasies alluding to being "intergalactic."
    Unfortunately, Warner Bros. Are not the only employers with an unlimited budget for getting rid of mentally ill employess. If one ever appears mentally ill at work, they should be ready to endure disrespect, prejudice, or any form of evil the employer can come up with to dispose of their "bitch ass".
    Warner Bros. Could have let Charlie stay on 2 1/2 Men where the fans could possibly see that such episodes of "mania" can be rare and far between or even prevented in advance. When bipolar illness gets this level of publicity, it is almost always in connection with a tragedy. The discussions become centered on the plight of the families and victims and the court system's failure to lock up the person with the illness. Here it was mostly funny quotes not at all threatening to hear from afar. We may have created a situation where more diagnosed people felt comfortable sharing their experiences.
    Charlie has a lot of good advice for his fans regarding a positive attitude, for example, and I hope he will also make it a "winning is the only thing" goal towards the cure of addictions and bipolar illness.
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