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Snoop Dogg – Happy Birthday lyrics

Gimme a drink
Light up
It’s time to celebrate

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, happy birthday
Happy birthday to you

Early in the morning,
Smoke me a blunt
Jump up out my bed,
What the fuck you want?
Roll me a bleezy,
We hit it back to back
Twisted dreams in my head,
Nigga just like that
Countin my cheese up,
Big big money
Uh I’m on the move,
Ain’t a damn thing funny
I really don’t lose much
When I’m in the streets nigga
When you will prove
How the fuck you figure nigga?
Yea I’m successful,
Every single day bitch
Niggas say that I’m the best dog
Just cus we rich trick
Always on fresh though,
Every single way
And represent the west coast
Every single day
Internationally known,
Nigga all around the world
Hit me on the cellphone,
I’ll fuck yo girl
I’ll hit you right back,
Then I hang up in yo face
Unless I’m getting scratch
Unless it’s all big fake

(Hook x2)
I take my cake to go
Happy birthday!
What’s yo side bro?
Happy birthday!

I bet today was one of those days,
A Throwback Thursday
Oh yea she wanna do it our way,
Burger King bitch
I told her she was special,
Oh you know like one
Until she almost a vessel,
Doctor doctor
I told her come on girl, let’s get it in,
Get in, come on
And cut out all the bitches,
Hush yo mouth
Turn it up girl and just listen,
Bang bang bang
We can get gangsta, our goal straight pimpin
Pimpin do or pimpin die

(Hook x4)
I take my cake to go
Happy birthday!
What’s yo side bro?
Happy birthday!

Volume 3
That’s my work
All around the world
Dig that
It’s what it is mane
Snoopy DO double Geezy
Snoopy DO double Geezy

(Hook x2)
I take my cake to go
Happy birthday!
What’s yo side bro?
Happy birthday!

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