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Slash's Snakepit – Mean Bone lyrics

(Girl's Voice)
I got the boy whipped, flipped
Think's I'm God's gift
With some porn style, sweet smile, out a while, I'm working it
Credit cards and fancy cars
I'm spending, pretending, this dream is neverending
Got him wrapped tight, like a vice
My hardworking man, has me living the life
Here he comes now
Hey baby!

You're dissin' me, I never show it
But you're always getting into my head, dismissin' me
I let you do it but you're doin' it
In front of my friends

I'm not your doormat, I'm the leader of a kick-you
When you're down on crusade, I'm not a part of that
I hear the rumors, goin' round that I'm not that man

I'm tired of playin' dumb
I'm tired of being pushed around
And if you think that I'm goin' soft
Here come some hard times

I got one mean bone in my body
And one I wanna pick with you
I got one mean bone in my head
That tells me we're through

You are a parasite, you latched on
And now I'm up to my neck in pain
All we do is fight, you bitch and moan so much
I think I need a hearing aid

My love won't overcome
The way you put me down
And if you think that I'm goin' soft
Here come some hard

I got one mean bone in my body
I got one mean bone in my hand

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