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Skyzoo – Boat Check In lyrics

It makes it easy, you, easier to play!
Back at it, back where it started at,
No it started with me just tagging people beats
Put my twist and do what I do,
And Frisbee this and Frisbee that
Done a couple here and there,
Take it back to it!
Yeah,... Yeah, ok, yeah ok,
Sitting in a darker bay like I was placing Ottis,
Phones turned off, I ain't taking colors,
They say when I rap they expect sun, moon, stars and jump to the car,
But I'm just trapped in the corner,
Making... Let me box some,
Too big for applause, the chicken... You smell the...
I'm three piece on the beat...
Rob a bank signature I don't do it for me,
I do it for the liquor store, I'm as sure as it be,
Truthfully... I'm just trying to get across Rosary Beat Rap
I'm just trying to get across, know that the feedback is all that they was living for,
Live in proof like I made it out...
Ambition for the broads...
... But I don't see no picture, so I'm leaving...
Cal a fly guy...
Cocktail rappers get a Molotov sedative,
While you waved... In the way and no patience,
... Welcome to...
The Freebees have never been higher,
Scream and catch them if you can at the head of Goliath
Thinking I was from Harlem...
... But I'm from the same background you've seen in my videos,
I shot 'em all in my block, brought you in my home,
... They might want 'em, cause he ain't got the stomach to hustle like...
But me, I'm from where we open the fire...
Put a cannon on the front of what we had and behind him,
But see him speeding up will make you leave from the...
You wanna be in a car, they respect if you can drive
I can't change who I'll be, not in a...
I'm here for the G money...
I'm here for the A money and a sweet bitch,
... My phones are ready in a...
So I need the paper, the broads already been there,
And none of them is living unless is to buy swim wear.
Automatically I was given a top ten...
Or better yet took it, wait until he was looking and... Whatever,
Read... It was never safe, so I reload forever!
... Sitting on the dark of the ray...

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