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Sizzla – Life lyrics

Hah, most high King Selassie I, Jah, whoa
Dub dubba dubba dub dubba dubba dubba dub
Hear me now

Our life is so lovely, yea
Fools why you wanna make it ugly, yea
Our life is so lovely, whoa
At times they try to make things ugly ha

Probing the streets whole night, didn't get to sleep
And now the daylight coming on bright
And things aren't good, so I'm gonna kill who I don't like
Bwoy disrespect and figuring its all right
I get my cell phone, call my girl, bloom like rose
Get in the shower get me a bath, change my clothes
... Pants, shirt, brand new shoes,
Going somewhere, ha she'll never know
In order to be on top I keep steppin on them foes
Keep a track right on the clock, that's how it goes
Never gonna stop until, them brains blow, hah
Got you now I shot you, make my does
What the fuck you take me for? I kill you fool
We don't play, I say we never lose
Hey I'm on fire and that's my rule
All you fuckin enemies are my foot stools

Our life is so lovely, yea
Oh why they try to make things ugly, whoa
Our life is so lovely, whoa
Fools why you want to make things ugly yea

The time had come for I to make a stand
Don't you come in my way now, hope you overstand
Comin from nowhere goin somewhere, we break the bond
With all those beautiful girls we correspond
Roar like a lion yet I'm humble like a lamb
I've got my aim and all my visions
I'm still the same, a black man oh god damn
Money comes and goes still I've got my hands
I've got my wife, I've got my life, I've got my fans
I've got the most high who would take me from the sinking sands
And put me upon a higher land, foundation began
You never prove me wrong, whoa

Our life is so lovely, yea
Oh why they want to make it ugly, whoa
Our life is so lovely, yea
At times they try to make it ugly oh

Girl, sing you my song it is breath taking for you
In my heart so much love created for you
I was born a thug, seem inspirating for you
Keep you as how I keep my gun they hating for you
But all you motherfuckers I'll be waiting for you
Kalongi squeeze trigger guns operating for you
More life, we'll be celebrating for you
We've got the ship in the ocean navigating for you
The golden chariot exilirating for you
Plane in the sky to Zion I its heading straight for you
Sabbath chanting bread baking for you
Jah love communicating for you

Our life is so lovely, yea
Fools why you want to make things ugly, whoa
Our life is so lovely, oh
Life is so lovely.....

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