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Sigur Ros – Glosoli lyrics

Nъ vaknar юъ
Allt virрist vera breytt
йg gжgist ъt
En er svo ekki neitt

ъare-skуna finn svo
б nбttfцtum hъn
н draumi fann svo
йg hйkk б koрnun?

Meр sуlinni er hъn
Og er hъn, inni hйare

En hvar ert юъ....

Legg upp н gцngu
Og tцlti gцtuna
Sй ekk(ert) ъt
Og nota stjцrnurnar
Sit(ur) endalaust hъn
Og klifrar svo ъt.

Glуsуli-leg hъn
Komdu ъt

Mig vaknar draum-haf
Mitt hjartaр, slб
ъfiр hбare.

Sturlun viр fjar-ур
Sem skyldu-skrб.

Og hйare ert юъ

Fannst mйare.....

Og hйare ert юъ


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    My opinion is the song focuses on a spiritual aspect. The bible talks about having faith like a child and it will take you to new heights. While the kids are on earth (land) they starting a journey, seeking, also meeting new kids along the way. The climax is when they do the impossible, jumping off a cliff but as a child they know they will not fall, but fly having faith. That's my take, the song is also an inspirational song.
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