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Sick Puppies – Under A Very Black Sky lyrics

I had a dream.
You had a weapon.
I couldn't see it in the dark of the night.
It is easy to hide under a very black sky.
Over the moon just beyond sudden I watched in vain as the missiles took
We lost our lives under a very black sky

Under a black sky (x3)

Colors explode under your microscope but just through my eyes it is all
Black and white.
I lost my mind under a very black sky.
We live our lives mostly pretending.
You have a secret, you'll never know mine.
I'll wear my disguise under a very black sky.

Its easy to love you, easy as hell.
When you're anyone, anyone else.
It is so hard to fake it, I know you can tell.
If you're anyone, anyone else. (x3)

Under a black sky. (x3)

At first you believe, and then you start lying.
Swallowing pain likes its shredded up glass.
I'm bleeding inside under a very black sky.
Disappointment is cruel, but hope can be crueler.
I have felt them both until I thought I could die.
Now all my tears are dry under a very black sky.

Under a black sky (x10)

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