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Shins – Port Of Morrow lyrics

Through the rain and all the clatter
Under the Freemont bridge I saw a pidgeon fly
Fly in fear from a raptor come to take it's life

As it closed in for the capture
I funnel the fear through my ancient eyes
Seen in flight
Where I know all the bitter mechanics of life

Under my hat it reads "The lines are all imagined"
A fact of life I know to hide from my little girls
I know my place amongst the bugs and all the animals
And it's from these ordinary people you were longing to be free

In my hotel and on the tv
A Preacher on a stage like a Buzzard cries out a warning
A phony sorrow, he's trying to get a rise

The Cyanide of an almond
Let him look at your hands and get the angles right
Ace of spades, Port of Morrow, Life is Death is Life...
I saw a photograph: Cologne in '27
And then a postcard after the bombs in '45
Must've been a world of evil clowns that let it happen
But then I recognize, dear listener, that you were there and so was I

Ah ah ah ah ah ah

Under my hat I know the lines are all imagined
A fact of life I must impress on my little girls
I know my place amongst the creatures in the pageant
And there are flowers in the garbage and a skull under your curls

Ah ah ah ah ah ah

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    Well, I think he said it was about death, and that seems obvious to me. I don't get the "cyaninde of an almond" I get he's a palm reader. Are those lyrics 100%? The reference to the photograph and "dear listener... You were there and so was i... " I guess as humanity he holds us all accountable. From the first verse and the last I get the idea that he accepts the futility of life but has tp put a good face on for his kids at least. I think I really get what he's saying about "skull under your curls" underneath it all where just another part of the biological landscape. Creatures in the pageant. Great song. "bitter mechanics of life" wish I knew what is meant by "under my hat it reads the lines are all imagined"
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