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Sheer Terror – Owe You Nothing lyrics

Degradation- not again.
Explanation- not once more.
It was a first and last something I didn't need.
I won't apologize.
I won't accept your lies.
I don't give a fuck (about) how much you need.
I will have it my way, or I won't have it at all.
I would piss on your grave- and I'll laugh when you fall.
I've got my own life, I've got my own gripes,
I don't really give a fuck about your pain.
You are my enemy- you are my blasphemy
I would rather kill you than hear you complain.
I'd pour salt in your wounds, the pleasure it would bring.
Get it through your thick skull, I don't owe you a thing.
When will you fucking realize that I don't owe you a thing.
When will you just fucking understand that I don't owe you a thing.

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