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Shaman's Harvest – Dragonfly lyrics

Maybe the sky's fallin' down around the babies,
Maybe the world is gonna spin out of control,
I don't care anymore.

What if I quit today workin' for the man,
Who said I've had enough, well maybe I can,
It's all gonna end anyway.

Tell me doctor, what's the cure for the wicked man's blues?

Fly Dragonfly,
Fly Dragonfly,
Fly Dragonfly,

When the sky falls to the sea,
I won't mind
The cause is me,
When the wind blows through the trees,
I want to ride the Dragonfly

Fly Dragonfly,
Fly Dragonfly

When I come,
Give me a beat
Take my advice
Just let me be.

When the moon,
Turns black as night,
Within the fires of Dragonfly

Fly Dragonfly

Don't take so long,
I'll be there before you know
See you in my minds' eye

Fly Dragonfly
Fly Dragonfly
Fly Dragonfly

Guitar solo

Fly Dragonfly

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    I believe the song is about the futility of life. The speaker believes his life is insignificant and the we constantly toil for purposes that mean nothing in the grand scheme of time. Eventually, everything we know is going to be rubble, and earthly things will be meaningless. He wants to escape and live freely, enjoying his short time on earth, and he wants to make his existence mean something to himself, even if his name will be forggotten years from now and he will not even exist as a memory anymore.
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