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Seventh Dimension – Descending Memories lyrics

Waking up again, unfortunately
Still in this room painted gray
When there is something else
At the borders of my dreams
Beyond what I’ve always known
And behind these gray walls
A treasure of beauty unknown
Why was this chosen my home?

Losing memories as I leave
Of this new world no more
My eyes so tired and dried
In search of new things to show

Opened my eyes once again
A new land in horizon
Screaming my name
Inviting my flame
Is it real?
Not known yet what to see
Is it the land of my dreams?

Come and take me, away from
The same things that I always see
Fill my life with pain
Whatever just to make me feel

"Greed, a broken dream, lies and fame
All shattered to dust, blood stains
Just the ashes found back home
Same destruction, but here
Wanted, created by people
Not knowing what to believe
What to look forward to
What they live for
Just living life at the moment
Ending up with emptiness
An empty page in a book
The same page you wrote then erased
And you’re feeling vacant
'Cause you're taking time for granted
Not thinking of the next day
Being the same as yesterday
Trapped in an endless circle of doing
The same, the same and the same
Not counting the seconds till you’re
Back on the floor once again
Rewriting the same old page
In the book of your life
Erased after copying it over, over and over"

Far away from what I hoped
To find in this sad new world
Suddenly those gray walls
Gets filled with colors of hope

Come and take me, away from
This new shattered world that I see
Bring me back to my home, it’s where my
Dreams has always glown
Regret of walking away, I left my
Goal so far behind
And now this very day, I’ll descend
Back to those walls of gray

Come and take me, away from
This withering rose that I see
Bring me back to my home, it’s where my
Dreams has always glown
I’ll never walk away, not knowing
What’s behind those gray walls
And now this very day, I'll descend
Down to my paradise

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