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Sensational Alex Harvey Band – Give My Compliments To The Chef lyrics

Mother dear did you hear how they're teaching me to do the goose step
Father mine just in time you gave me a machine to wash my jeans in
The customer is always right the girl is much too young
To know the difference
The guitar hanging in the hall is calling me in all it's magnificence
Give my compliments to the chef
Give my compliments to the chef

Leo sits behind the desk he wanna see the woman cooking gravy
Nobody sent no argument and I gotta go and join the Royal Navy
Madamazelle you do so well you know the meaning of salvation
But the General wants me on the phone and he's alone
And needs my consolation

Give my compliments to the chef
Give my compliments to the chef

He's crazy he got his head in a basket
She's lazy and you don't understand
You know I'm running and you don't wanna hide me
I know a woman who's a man is a man
One night I was dreaming as I lay on my pillow
The train I was riding was ten coaches long
And in the village they was looking at freedom
In the beginning when I knew it was any old time

Any old time
Any old time
Any old time

Bad boys don't get no toys and everybody wants to get to heaven
The Salvation Army's asking but nobody ever thinks of giving
You know I wish I could see yesterday
The way I can see tomorrow
Go and take a look in a history book
It's up to you to mix the stew
And when you do

Give my compliments to the chef
The chef any old time, any old time

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