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Secret Garden – Race You To The Top Of The Morning lyrics

When we left off last night
The hideous dragon
Had carried the maid to his cave by moonlight
He gnashed his teeth, and breathed his fire
The heath quaked, and we trembled in fear

I said someone must save the sweet raven-haired maiden
Though surely the cost will be steep
So we lads all drew lots
Our insides tied in knots
And I won and the rest went to sleep

So I picked up my staff
And I followed the trail of his smoke
To the mouth of the cave
And I bid him come out
Yea, forsooth, I did shout
Ye fool dragon be gone or behave

And then under my breath
I uttered a charm said
To make the worst fiend become kind
Knaves and knights of dire plights
Now diminish his sights
And it worked and the dragon went blind

And he charged off the cliff
Howling amd and he died
And the maiden accepted my ring
And then you came along
And were brave, bold and strong
And in thanks every night now I sing

Race you to the top of the morning
Come sit on my shoulders and ride
Run and hide, I'll come find you
Climb hills to remind you
I love you, my boy at my side

Now another fool dragon's appeared
I must leave you
He's scorching our land with his breath
From his lair, this one taunts me
He dares me, he haunts me
Once again, we must fight to the death

Would to God I could stay and instead slay your dragon
This beast who sits hunched on you back
Would God I could wrench him away from your bed
Or cut off or tear off his terrible head
Could breathe out my fire on him
'Til he was dead
Or beg him to spare you and take me instead

As it is, I must leave you in care of my brother
The wizard who lives on the hill
Who has promised his art
Will soon pierce through the heart
Of this dragon that's keeping you ill

And I know that your mother, God bless her
Would want you to do as he says and grow strong
And you know that as soon as I can I'll return
So be brave son, and know that I long

To race you to the top of the morning
Come sit on my shoulders and ride
Run and hide, I'll come and find you
Climb hills to remind you
I love you
I love you, my boy at my side

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