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Se7en – One More Time lyrics

Nal ee jae geu man nuh ae gyuh teu loh
Dol ah ga doh lok hae joh
Geu lun ni ma eum uh di doh eet ji ahn eun
Cha ga oon mal eun shi luh
Chuh eum man nan geu nal chuh lum miso leul
Na ae gae jwoh da shi ba la bwah joh (ba la bwah joh)
Oh ah moo lun mal doh mot ha go suh eet neun na leul
Yong suh hae jwoh...
Ni gyuh tae man eet sseul kkae
For you... For you...
Nul ool li jin ahn eul kkae yak sok hae nuh ae gae

*Han bun dan han bun
Ah peun nae ma eum eul ahl ah jwoh
Nuh leul ba la neun nuh hana sarang han nae ma eum eul...
Nuh leul dduh na sun heng bok hal soo ubt ssuh na
You don't have to be alone
Geu juh nae sarang ahl gi man hae jwoh

Na jo cha mo leul man keum bba leu gae
Bba juh buh lin guh ya
Ni ga ah pa hal jool eun
Na mollat na bwah ee juht na bwa
Ha ji man han soon gan doh nae mam ee nul dduh na
Sal jin ahn ah ssuh mid uh jwoh nal
Nul sarang ha neun nal jae bal
Ni gyuh tae man eet sseul kkae
For you for you
Nul ool li jin ahn eul kkae yak sok hae nuh ae gae

Repeat *

Nan ah jik kka ji han bun doh ni sarang ubt shee
Da leun noo gool sarang hal ja shin doh
Da leun sarang hal seng gak han juk ubt neun dae

Repeat *

Repeat *

Let me go back to your side again
I hate those cold words that aren't even from your heart
Give me that smile you gave me the first time we met
Look at me again (look at me)
Forgive me because I can't say anything to you
I'll stay by your side
For you... For you...
I wont make you cry.
This I promise you...

*Once, just once know my hurting heart
My heart that goes toward you, that loves you
I can't be happy without you
You don't have to be alone
Just know my love for you...

I fell in love with you without realizing it
I didn't know, I forgot that you'd be hurt
But my heart not once left your side Believe my words... Please, I love you so much
I'll stay by your side
For you... For you...
I wont make you cry...
This I promise you...

Repeat *

I never loved someone else
I never didn't have your love
I never thought of loving another person...

Repeat *

Repeat *

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