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Scrilla Vic – The Undertow lyrics

You looked closely couldn't believe what ya' saw so you took a closer look
And realized that ya' spots been took
Out from under-What a blunder-Should've looked before 'ya leap
Then leaped into the lions mouth and now want to retreat
To a higher ground and look down on the peoples who ain't where 'ya at
Played ya' cards on one hand - luck ran out – fallen flat
Now there's no way back. Try a new plan of attack
Cuz ya' went head up and met up wit some dudes who won't let up
I'm fed up wit you and your wack ass crew
All about the hos, man you need to get a clue
Go pop a sadsong for someone who really cares
You say payback's a bitch, but you ain't ever been there
To experience what it is. Now you're fiendin' for show biz
Brains for a dollar. Lead on from the collar.
Mouth foamin' for a piece of the action
Give a dog a bone? It's like watchin' rover roll over in his grave
When he finds it's his path to a permanent vacation
Six feet deep – Too late to you say won't sleep
Your sorry ass is used up and dryer than a cactus. Too late for practice.
Knew you'd bat your lashes
Like a ho for the camera lickin' up the lens
Hold your breath when goin' under and your quick to catch the benz
Bendin' over lettin' labels take everything ya' got
Never had a lot so keep openin' your crotch
Cuz your bound to get pimped 'til you limp, and get thrown
But still can't get your nose up cuz you're caught up by the undertow.

Don't get swept away by the undertow
Don't get caught up in the undertow
Think twice before you test the undertow
It's takin' 'you under. It's takin' you under

They say beauty's in the eye of the beholder
Well she's got the beholders in check cuz she demands respect
Smooth sophistication – scintillatin' conversation
Savoir faire beyond compare, man – I even stared
At the dozen roses on her doorstep each day
And twice as many quote lovers tryin' to step through her doorway
That would get my encore – pourin' out their hearts
Not knowin' their game is futile from the start. Torn apart
Some food for thought – I knew a quickee's what you sought fool
She'll run it your way but you gotta run it her way, too.
But everybody slips sometimes. She ain't a master of the craft.
Thought she'd seen the gift to gab when this veteran checked in
And checked out the merchandise not once but thrice
A triple take on the real estate and put the move in fake
And kicked spectacular vernacular redefining smooth
Finesse to bless and impress, so she had to move
To her private chateau, up on the plateau
And while she's doin' the talkin', her silk stockin's
Are on the way down after a night out on the town
Convinced her knight in shining armor's now been found
She thought she knew where this was goin'. What a pity.
Rollin' over in the morning – Surprise! – a couple fitties.

Don't get swept away by the undertow
Don't get caught up in the undertow
Think twice before you test the undertow
It's takin' 'you under. It's takin' you under

She's looking for a god-fearing Christian man where
You're a bad man so repent all you can
But she don't know how to show affection
And wouldn't trip if I didn't use protection
If she gets pregnant, then that's how it is
But I won't get burnt, and that's how it is
Demanding a promise ring to flaunt to all her friends
And why I don't rock the latest trends and latest Benz
The more you love someone, the bigger rock you buy
She gets what she wants, and then it's baby bye, bye!
She left four separate men at the altar
Happened each and every time without falter
I ain't namin' names, but I gotta keep it real
I won't be her Sugar Daddy payin' all the bills
Me and her together spell catastrophe
The V won't get caught up by the undertow, baby! You crazy!

Yeah, you know what I'm sayin'
You've got another thing comin' if you think I'll be takin' under
Cuz I do the Cypress Hill mein, I ain't goin' out like that. That's on the
So, Aah, you better watch yourself
Cuz the undertow comes in many shapes and sizes
And before you know it, you'll get caught up by the undertow too, too, too.

Don't get swept away by the undertow
Don't get caught up in the undertow
Think twice before you test the undertow
It's takin' 'you under. It's takin' you under

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