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Scissor Sisters – Running Out lyrics

1 2 3 4 gimme more cause I think were going down
What you need it for?
We gonna rub that to the bottom-line
Now you should save yourself
I'm on my own not used to no one else
Cause everytime I think I'm fine you keep on dreaming of
A hundred different ways to cause hysteria
Am I insane am I blind I just can't seem to trust
Too many regulations coming back at you

Were running out of money, of love, of luck
Were running out of language of fame of bread
Were running out

Something tells me that I'm fine but when I get enough
Another one... Wouldn't be too much
But still I chew it up and spit it out it's too big to swallow
Gotta enough for everyone so here we go ooh
Lets see how far that we have run before this gig is over
I hear the warning signs on everybodys stereo
Do you love what you like or would you do for more?
You keep on dancing underneath the burning floor

We re running out of money of confidence
Were running out of drugs, of patience of air
Were running out

Were running out of money of love of luck
Were running out of fame of language of bread
Were running out of money of confidence
Were running out of dugs, of patience

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