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Say Anything – Shiksa (Girlfriend) lyrics

I remember it vividly, love. I've been walking erect since the moment we met
And I caught your eyes to my surprise (your white thighs)
Hebraic neuroses ceased to be. An angel's conversing with me
The new attractive to me is divine

And even if your friends don't understand
No matter what, I'll always be your man
And even if you go, you know you'll leave me feeling grand

I'll need new contraceptives, green eyes
I found god when you left him, green eyes
Iet's spend the night entwined out on the boardwalk in sickly summertime
Like the yin and the yang of the afikomen
You're the omen that all has changed that was deranged

And even if you stomp me 'till I'm sore
No matter what, I'd bleed to be your whore
And even if the cancer grows until we explode, I'm yours

I have a girlfriend now
No way, no how
How'd I get a girlfriend, now?
Well, from here on forth, I'm yours

And even if your whisper eats my ear
Your voice shall be the only song I long to hear
And even if you fear the end, our sacrament of salmon and irish beer
Will still be here

"Boy, I need your love, so give it to me"
"Boy, I need your touch, so lay it on me"
"Boy, I need your love, I need your touch, I'm yours"

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Shiksa (Girlfriend) meanings

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    I think that shiksa in this case is instead of a non jewish girl attracted to a jewish guy it's supposed to be more like a non nerdy girl attracted to a nerdy guy. And instead of hebraic neurosis - referring to jewish idea that jewish boys should only be with jewish boys- ceasing, that he really means that a nerdy boy doesn't have to be with a nerdy girl but is actually with a hot one.
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    The literal meaning basically implies that the guy that has found his shiksa (hot) girlfriend is a sad excuse of a man. He knows he doesn't deserve someone as attractive and outgoing as she is and throughout the song he is devoting all of himself to her because that's all he can give to her in return. He will do anything that she wants in return for her to at least acknowledge him as a boyfriend.
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