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Say Anything – Hate Everyone lyrics

Did you know that there are people in the world
Annoyed with all the other people in the world
And of all these angry people in the world
I am the angriest boy

When I was sat into the earth in a stream of guts
By mother nature that green eyed s***
I wasn't the first to get forced from a cut
One to whom I still shall stay stuck
Staring from the cradle my eyes take in
The baby speak of my brain dead kin
To goo goo goggles reflecting the grin
Of a chubbed faced alien
Well if you think I'm being harsh
Well baby keep on counting stars

Cause I hate everyone
I hate everyone
I hate everyone
Upon this cursed earth

Then I grew a few hairs where the sun don't shine
Pack me in a classroom to count the time
Studying the history of mens minds
Chasing tail and committing hate crimes
Rich hippy girl with the gas guzzler
Forced myself to fall in love with her
She was so strung out she swear it never occurred
The honkey king went back on his word
The next one did the same
The blind leading the lame

All together now
I hate everyone
I hate everyone
I hate everyone
Upon this cursed earth

How does it make you feel to be wanted (whoa)
How does it make you feel to be one of many
How does it make you feel to be blunted
How does it make you feel (2x)

(I hate) actors who seem genuine
(I hate) my x girlfriend though she's feminine
(I hate) the singer with the denim skin

I hate everyone

(I hate) that hospital in Texas
(I hate) the rapper in the Lexus
(I hate) the pills I ate for breakfast

Hate everyone
I hate everyone
I hate everyone
I hate everyone
I hate everyone
Cause I'm mired in hypocrisy
Yeah I'm still down with jc
I guess that everyone includes me
And that's why I'm a humanist

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    It's pretty self explanatory. He begins using a hyperbole to establish that he feels his hatred toward people is much more than average; "i am the angriest boy"
    then the following verse is him explaining something fairly simple (his birth and infancy) as cruelly and unpleasantly as possible; "stream of guts", "brain dead kin". He then clarifies that he was intentionally being overly harsh "well if you think i'm being harsh". And disregards the opinion of the standard optimist; "well baby keep on counting stars". "i hate everyone. " saying it as clearly as possible to emphasise his sincerity. Second verse follows the same theme as the first. "how does it make you feel... " I'm not sure about the meaning of this. To me it communicates just why he hates people; their desire to be wanted, their satisfaction at just being "one of many". Then he uses a list of obscure examples just to drive in his point. Maybe whoever he is actually talking to will get this. He then says that he's "still down with jc [jesus christ]" which does make him "mired in hypocrisy" as he than says that he's a humanist. Humanists are generally atheists so it's hypocritical for him to say that anyway. "i guess that everyone includes me" is a stand alone line to maybe suggest that the root of all his bitterness stems from his own self-esteem issues, because max bemis is of course known for struggling depression. Of course this is all just my opinion.
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