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Say Anything – Burn A Miracle lyrics


One, two, three, four and five
Blood ran cold, but I'm comin' alive
One, two, three, four and five
Blood ran cold, but I'm comin' alive


I once courted a boy
He looked a lot like me
But his eyelids were destroyed

And his pupils
Kept sucking on
Datafiles like noodles

Pleasured himself to the music
Of well-dressed, inbred college students
As his girlfriend starved on the altar
To his blog of the sickening things he will call her

Now I'm coming alive
And like a weed through fields of
Placid posies thrive
Spewing glory, all draped in guts and their sense of the story

I need a song meant to rally
The devils who dance on fields of brilliant treble
Do ask your children a question
Do you really wanna stand stiff, at attention?


Do you want it?
Do you need it?
Do you feel it?
Do you want it?
Do you see it?
Believe it
Do you, do you, do you want it?

[Post Chorus]

Burn a miracle if you've got a soul
Burn a miracle
Burn America

Burn america if you've got a soul
Burn america
Burn America

I saw Stereo Head
They looked a lot like the
Same band, but they were deaf

And their singer kept twirling around
On a slick middle finger

And I'm awash in the thunder and venom
They try to hold you down, but I won't let 'em
As we emerge from the muck and the mire
We're gonna set their champagne god on fire

[Chorus x2]
[Post Chorus x1]
Burn America
Burn the dream

I know a place where the moon goes to fly
I know that dreams swarm and sting as they die
But their corpses ride horses and stab through the sun
You loathe a life that you've barely begun
To live
To live

One, two, three, four and five
Blood ran cold, but I'm comin' alive

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