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Saw Doctors – Same Oul' Town lyrics

Same oul faces
Same oul streets
Same oul people is all you meet
Too long waiting
Standing round
I'm sick and tired of this
Same oul town
Same oul drizzle
Same oul rain
Same oul walking
Back home again
Same oul heartache
Lost and found
Same old story
Same oul town

Oh I go out for a walk
To see if there's news
The rain on the path
Leaking into me shoes
An I do talk to meself
Cos I'm my only best friend
It's sunday night
Nearly monday morning again

Same oul monday
Closed all day
The farmers and their wisps of hay
Same oul hanging around the square
Same oul spoofers
Same oul stares
You're welcome back
Yeah bang the door
This christmas-time and the time before
Don't like asking, you know
You're fairly wide
You'd never give us
The price of a pint

And I go out for a walk.....

You know you'd often wonder
As the years go past
Why you ever bothered
Going to mass
Was it the fear of god
Or to find a wife
Or just buying shares
In the afterlife

The bell still tolls
I heard it there
For the final journey
Up to the square
Shop doors close
And the blinds come down
Same oul story
Same oul town

And I do howl at the moon
I go barking at dogs
Take off all me clothes
And lie out in the bog
An I do talk to meself
I'm my only best friend
It's sunday night
Nearly monday morning again
It's just the same oul story
Same oul town
Same oul faces......

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