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Saturday Night Live – Derek Jeter's Taco Hole lyrics

Gordita, fajita
Ooo I wanna eat a
Taco enchilada
Come on pretty mama
Why don't we all go
Derek jeters taco hole

(derek jeter)
Hi, I'm derek jeter
You may know me as the shortstop for the new york yankees
But I'm also an award winning chef specializing in mexican cuisine
So if you like mexican food,
Then come on down to derek jeters taco hole

Chips salsa and guacamole!
Derek jeter's taco hole

(derek jeter)
I think you'll agree that we're one of the top 5 mexican restraunts
In all of northern new jersey
If you don't believe me,
Ask this guy
Right freddy finder

That's right derek
I spent too many wasted days and wasted ni-i-ights
Eatin bad mexican food

That's where I wanna go
Derek jeters taco hole

All year long, I can't wait for the season to end
So I can get back to my first love
Derek jeters taco hole

Nachos quasidillas
Hand made cor tortillas
Jereesa, reeholays
Lots of chicken molays
Flatas, tostatas
And carne assadas

Just off route 3
Theres a place called nunnly new jersey
If good mexican food is your goal
Theres just one place you should go
Derek jeters taco hole

And remember
Monday is refried beans shooters night
Tuesday is dog night
Bring your dog down and we'll give him a free hard shell taco
And wednesday
As always
Is ladies night
Ladies if you bring your own tortilla
There's no cover charge

I'm headin down there before the next
Tear drop falls
Because saturday and sunday is fun for the whole family

That's right, bato the clown is here
Givin free chicklets and tatoos to all the kids
So come on down

That's where I wanna go
To the taco hole

Its derek jeters taco hole
Off route 3
In nunny new jersey next to the kinkos and el duke's shoe repair

I'll see you there

That's where I wanna go
Derek jeters taco hole

Come on down

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