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Sami Yusuf – Al-Muallem lyrics

We once had a Teacher
The Teacher of teachers,
He changed the world for the better
And made us better creatures,
Oh Allah we've shamed ourselves
We've strayed from Al-Mu'allim,
Surely we've wronged ourselves
What will we say in front him?
Oh Mu'allim...
He was Muhammad salla Allah alayhi wa sallam,
Muhammad, mercy upon Mankind,
Teacher of all Mankind

#(' 'db'3E
J' -(J(J J' E-E/
J' 4AJ9J J' E-E/
. J1. Db 'ddg E-E/
J' E57ai J' %E'e 'De13djf
J' E57ai J' 4AJ9 'D9'dejf

He prayed while others slept
While other ate he'd fast,
While they would laugh he wept
Until he breathed his last,
His only wish was for us to be
Among the ones who prosper,
Ya Mu'allim peace be upon you,
Truly you are our Teacher,
Oh Mu'allim...

J' -(J(J.. J' E-E/
J' 4AJ9J.. J' E-E/
J' 13HDJ.. J' E-E/
J' (4J1J.. J' E-E/
J' F0j1j.. J' E-E/
94B bd(J.. J' E-E/
Fh1 9JFJ.. J' E-E/

He taught us to be just and kind
And to feed the poor and hungry,
Help the wayfarer and the orphan child
And to not be cruel and miserly,
His speech was soft and gentle,
Like a mother stroking her child,
His mercy and compassion,
Were most radiant when he smiled

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