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Sam Cooke – Nearer To Thee lyrics

The minister was preaching
And the crowd was standing near
The congregation was singing a tune
In a voice that was loud and clear

You know the crowd that stood around him
They were crying, I could plainly see
For the song that they sang was touching
They were singing 'Nearer My God To Thee'

O, nearer my God to Thee, nearer, nearer to Thee
We kept on singing, nearer my God, nearer my God to Thee
Oh Lord, we kept on singing nearer
Nearer my God, nearer, nearer to Thee
They kept on singing, nearer my, my God, nearer my God to Thee
Oh yes, nearer, nearer

Songs have a feeling
There's a story in every song we sing
Songs that are known to lift heavy burdens
If all of our troubles, to God we oughta bring

And if we are Christians we ought not to be ashamed
To lift our voices, admire Jesus' name
We ought to be able to sing, nearer, nearer my God to Thee
Oh help me Lord, lift our voices and sing, nearer, nearer, nearer yes

Nearer, I want to get nearer to Thee
When I get lonely I can sing, nearer
Nearer my God to Thee, yes I can
I just bow down and say nearer and nearer, nearer
Nearer my God to Thee, nearer, nearer my God to Thee

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    The recording of "nearer to thee" made at the shrine auditorium in los angeles is one of the most assertive demonstrations of american musical talent ever made. The text listed here is only a portion of the verses poured into the original performance. It is masterful in two ways: it shows the rock solid unity of the soul stirrers - a superb engine of vocal harmony; and it offers abundant proof of sam cooke's soaring prowess as lead singer. This tune is a testament to decades of continuous musical refinement and instantly recognizable american style.
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